A rainy day in Delaware

So this almost never happens, but when it does it feels like a real hardship, so much so that it is difficult to venture outside… it’s raining hard, and has been all day!

It made me think how much better adapted we are to life in the rain back in the UK (not that I can remember too many rainy days in Melbourne of course, but that is through my rose tinted specks…). For a start there is a decent drainage system, meaning that the water doesn’t collect in pools on the road, subsequently causing alarm at the flooding. Secondly, we don’t actually mind going out in the rain, and are armed with an array of raincoats, wellies, see-through plastic cape things etc to help us through the ordeal. Thirdly, I know from personal experience, through years of living (and surviving life) in the rain that I won’t melt – it is even nice to get out there, as there are relatively few people around. However even though Monty and I were the only ones walking, I still got stopped by a park-ranger, meaning that the poor dog was on the lead throughout our walk…. why? really?

Anyway, after all that, it is nice to be back in the warm and dry!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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