Blossoms in the park

Happy ^belated^ Easter

So Good Friday saw my first foray into the world of Easter Egg hunts – at least 20 kids, fired up into a frenzy by the potential of spending a happy 15 minutes scoffing as much chocolate/sweets that could be fitted into 10 plastic eggs, all whilst trying to keep Monty from finding them first, although that has since become academic as he managed to get into Seb’s easter/halloween bucket and polish off anything vaguely edible. I would normally wave off an incident like that, but having sat through two episodes of ‘Your Dog Ate What?’ it all seemed as though we may be heading reality-tv-bound. However he did manage a motion in front of the tractor that was cutting the grass at the bark-park today, so I think we are OK…

The weekend saw more visitors and kids – much fun was had by all. And even though there were no bank holidays for G, hearing how much time everyone is having off back at home, especially with the pending nuptials, helped put us into a holiday mood. I am still somewhat ambiguous about the Easter Bunny leaving treats though… Santa – no problem, Tooth Fairy, fine, but a big fluffy bunny delivery chocolate treats – really? That is one US tradition I will not be buying into anytime soon, although I think G was well into it all…

A final word on Easter – as much as I love the USA (and there are lots of good points about living here), the chocolate (especially one well-known brand) is just terrible, but the chocolate-chip cookies are fantastic – how does that one work?

Anyway to all at home, enjoy your impossibly short weeks


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