Crazy loo

Housing dilemma….

It is surprising what one gets used to… 

We went to see three very different houses today:

No 1 – modern and on a development, very much like the one we are on at the mo. It was a nice house, but the garden was quite frankly pants, with no way of being able to let the dog or the boy out and trust them to stay on the patch of turf that we would have to call our own. There was also the tortuous presence of a playset on each of the adjoining gardens, which he would be unable to use freely, due to the boundaries of social niceities.

No 2 – all pants – there was a disabled suite downstairs, two adjoining toilets and a funny smell. I don’t really want to move into a place that feels like it has an horrendous secret lurking somewhere in its misty past.

No 3 – the quirky, party house that is struggling to surface from the 60’s and 70’s… set in over 2 acres of land, with a stream running it through it. It is as crazy as anything, with lots of mad nooks and a throne-like toilet. There is also a studio and a little washer/dryer for kitchen towels in the kitchen! 

No 3 would obviously be the fun choice – something we spurned last time for the ‘grown-up, sensible’ option, but why do I find myself thinking ‘but where would I put the 3rd table/5th sofa’? See what I mean? I have definitely got used to lots of space – which is dumb, as we don’t use it all on a daily basis (I can’t even muster up the energy to get a lead from the other room to download a picture) and it feels obscene to have so much, knowing what we will go back to in a year or so!

Ho-hum, watch this space!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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