Royal Wedding day

Well, we had to do something to mark it – even it was just the title of today’s blog! 

I am sitting here, watching the highlights on BBC America and thinking that it would have been nice to be at home and join in celebrations, but failing that, it is great to have the evening to myself and indulge watching it… love the BBC!

I have found this before: one gets fonder of things, even passionate (especially worrying for a Brit!), the further away one is, especially about something that you generally take for granted and arouses little passion when at home e.g. the royal wedding and the BBC

I will happily defend the BBC and would happily pay a licence from here to have access to the iplayer – however I do think that BBC America should stop showing films and reruns of TopGear and the X-files. Also can’t get myself into the new Dr Who

OK weepy bit at the wedding, hope you all had a fun day


PS You know how it is always advisable to stand by the best singer at church, so you can have a good belt out yourself? I would have liked to be standing by Elton

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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