Upside down

Where we are now…

… over 6 months in and the old adage is ringing true, it does take about this amount of time to settle in and start forming a life and connections.

G is back in the UK again for a work trip and the visitors of the past few weeks have gone, so although the house feels quiet, I actually don’t feel as if I am super lonely or stuck with minimal support (apart from at my very lowest points…)

The biggest piece of news is that we are having to move house, as the owners of this place are coming back in a couple of months, so the house hunt starts in earnest tomorrow – watch this space!

am going to try and make this more regular, it is more of a ‘what-can-I-do-from-here’ sort-of thing at the mo, so stick with it and we’ll see how it works


Looking forward to reading your comments!

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