Bird watching (and feeding)

One of my friends remarked, while he was on business to the UK, ‘the birds are different here’ – too true.

The littlest things we grow up with and are totally comfortable with: birds, shops, grass, customs etc, can be totally different in your new country – In terms of familiar birds, I think only sparrows and ubiquitous big black birds are the same…

Anyway, we have a bird feeder outside our breakfast room window and are most excited by the colourful variety of birds we get on it – red cardinals, orange house finches, the stunning bright yellow american goldfinch and the classic mockingbird. Seb particularly loves the mockingbird, as it ‘eats the [suet] cake mummy’.
Yesterday was exciting – we went to the wild bird store (a place where I could sink ALOT of dollars) and got a hummingbird/oriole feeder – a little dish and lid, with small holes in for the brightly coloured, tiny birds to drink the nectar out of. Apparently they should appear any time now. We carefully made up our nectar solution and the red feeder has pride of place on our set-up, waiting for these lovely birds to appear… Seb was educating his Daddy last night, telling him that the humming birds will stick their noses into the flower holes to drink the nectar.
And so the anticipation builds…
I have to say though that I do miss the little UK robins, the cheeky, upside-down blue-tits and great-tits, the friendly chirping and ruffling of the fledgeling sparrows nesting under the eaves and the constant warning chinks of the stressed-out blackbirds that so often lead magpies to their nests!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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