unpacking the dog

Boxes and houses

So all our collated live’s worth of possessions have been once again packed in boxes by those who neither know, or care, the history of each object, or its value in our eyes…. This somehow makes the whole process easier, and allows you to take a step back and evaluate if you really need that particular beer mat/magnetic letter/ miscellaneous bit of toy. Of course, by the time you get to other end and are ready to unpack, the sentiment will have returned and there is no way you can throw out that dubious bit of currency or battery with an indeterminate life… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4xxqVzlSeE

However at the moment, it is satisfying to play the game with yourself of: ‘at the new place I will be more organised/surround myself with less rubbish/ sort out x, y or z etc’

The house we chose? Details? Well, after a lot of soul searching we abandoned my favourite party place, even though there were baby rabbits in the outside covered patio area – in reality how long would they have lasted anyway with Monty around? In the end we managed to find a ‘homestead’, as one of our friends has called it, set in it’s own private parkland.

It is a lovely, but older house, still fairly open-plan, set over three levels…. There are trees outside, and the deck is in the middle of the house, at the back, meaning that we have a walk-out basement. I am a bit concerned though as to how we will fit our excessively big bits of furniture, acquired here, that are dwarfed in this house. At the moment we are taking the ostrich-approach along with the simple faith that it will work out in the wash approach, so we shall see.

I promise I will post photos at some point, but all means of doing so are in boxes at the moment!
In the meantime, wish us luck with fitting everything in (how are we going to go back to wardrobes after having a walk in closet, bigger than Seb’s room back home?), and above all maintaining a realistic outlook on life…



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