Unpacking mess

Life still consists of boxes

So it’s been a bit of a hectic time recently – to start with we have had the move (of course) – life is still in boxes, but I am slowly getting round to unpacking things and trying to get this house into a somewhat liveable order. This is more difficult than it should be due to trying to squeeze the way we live our lives into the relatively non-standard lay-out of this house and coping with the multitude of wee-beasties that want to invade our living space. The beasties combined with Garnet’s current paranoia about tics means that the phrase ‘a nice relaxing walk’ has shot to the top of the oxymoron list.

The move also coincided with the end of Seb’s school year – an event that appears to be marked by a huge burst of activities such as brunches, ceremonies, shows, celebrations, all of which have been good fun to see and be involved in (my personal favourite was the ‘Dad Olympics’ at a friends house). Just remind me not to move again during the last week of the school year.

Garnet has had the past week off work too – the original plan was to try and go away somewhere to have some quality family time, but we ended up only getting away for 3 nights to Boston. The trip didn’t start too well, with Garnet and Seb not even managing to fly out the night we were supposed to, which meant a night by myself in Boston – I managed to read a whole book over the trip, just a trashy novel though, which is about all my waning intellect can cope with at the moment.
It was great though to catch up with old friends (and meet their families) – there is something about the people you stay in touch with, as you get older, which means that it is easy to slip into conversation with them again, and recall what it was like when you were closer.
Boston didn’t really strike me as a lovely, cohesive city – I had trouble getting to grips with a place that didn’t seem to have a fixed centre. I am willing to give it another try at some point though, as everyone I speak to seems to love it.

Seb’s birthday didn’t quite go as planned, as we drove up to the sports centre the thunder began, which meant the pool was closed and he couldn’t have his splash party. Him and his friends soon got over their disappointments and spent the next hour happily playing ‘Dodge-ball’, enthusiastically overseen by a lady in pink. It is not a game I don’t think I would ever have willingly chosen, or enjoyed, as it involves hurling balls at all the other players, who are meant to nimbly dodge out of the way. Fortunately (and miraculously) there was only one set of tears…

The weekend was another whirl of fairs, another birthday party (and hellish drive to get there, which saw  my son stunned by how lost (and upset) his mother could get with no map, no gps, a bunch of instructions scribbled hastily on a scrap of random paper and very little sense of direction) and Garnet’s first sprint triathlon, which he did brilliantly at!

And after all that, there’s still our life to unpack and get into relative normality again… if such a thing really exist, which I am starting to seriously doubt!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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