Love Philly

Today I was happy that Seb wasn’t with me…

… I had to go up to Philadelphia today, a prospect I would normally relish.

I love Philly – I spent alot of time there when I was travelling around the USA in various trips before the Age of Responsibility and Settling Down dawned. So basically, as overwhelming as US cities tend to be, I have a certain amount of affection for this city which holds so many memories and stories for me.

I also like the idea that my cousin and her husband also echo mine and Garnet’s feelings about the city (Garnet is not over fond of The City of Brotherly Love), something which he (my cousin’s husband) describes as a family trait.

Anyway I was up there to open an account at the electricity company for our new house (I will update that news next time – promise), as for some reason they wouldn’t accept my internet or telephone attempts to switch the bills at the new place to my name – it really shouldn’t be that hard to get a company to accept money from you, surely?

I drove in along the Ben Franklin Parkway, getting very excited at the prospect of all the museums that I hadn’t been to for ages and ended up, after navigating a series of roadworks and one-way systems with only a hand-held TomTom for advice, at the less-than-nice end of Market Street, where I gratefully ducked into the nearest parking garage and tried to remember the way back to the Rodin museum for after the electricity company.

The electricity company waiting area has to be one of the most depressing places I have been for a long time, with lots of examples of happy parenting (‘Bubba, git over theyre with youwer Daddy before I ^*(^£& ^*(^&*’) – one had to feel for the kids, what chance do they have, really? Reason no1 I am glad I didn’t take Seb with me.

After I got out (an hour and 1/2 later, my consultation having taken all of 3 minutes) I decided to wander over to Rittenhouse Square, stopping on the way to buy an amazing picture frame (now got to find an amazing picture/photo to go in it), but on the way I passed the Mutter Museum and went in on impulse. Absolutely fascinating, but reason no2 I am glad I didn’t have Seb with me. It was full of preserved body parts, casts of anomalies, cysts, human horns, gangrenous limbs, huge colons, brain slices of murderers and assorted assasins body parts.

Unfortunately after gawping at all the medical curiosities, it was time to head back, but not before sampling a red-tea frappe – interesting…

So a bit of a funny day in Philly, not all it should have been, but I still love the place!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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