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The week of comings and goings: Part 2

So to follow on from my previous post, Seb and I had a great time in Canada. There were a few tense moments travelling including, but not limited to: carrying a tired, increasingly heavy, 4-year-old the length of Detroit airport, before realising that, very conveniently, there is a red shuttle train that will do the same job, with a lot less toil involved; the immigration lady almost not letting us into Canada because I didn’t… Read More »

A week of comings and goings: Part 1

So in late June/early July, Seb and I had an intensive weekend of juggling life, Monty and everything and had two lovely trips away from home, spending time with new friends and reconnecting with old ones… the first part of the week was spent down at the beach – a kids and Emma paradise, during which many happy hours were spent being buried in the sand, digging holes, building sandcastles and jumping in the waves.… Read More »

Boy and dog paradise

A dog and boy paradise

Boy and dog paradise

So to follow on from my last posting, which I have just realised is quite negative, I think I need to explain why I like living here… the outdoor space is amazing, we are surrounded by trees and set up on a hill with the deck at the back being raised off the ground (above a walk-out basement, that contains one pool table, one table tennis table and a piano, amongst all our boxes). Because of… Read More »

New House

So it’s been about a month now (where did that go?)  and I think our new house justifies a whole post all to itself… It is large and a completely non-standard layout for a US house, which I like: it allows us to define ‘the zones’ in any way we like – although I’ve obviously been watching too much of those programmes that are designed to engender feelings of inadequacy about one’s living space. Garnet is still… Read More »