Boy and dog paradise

A dog and boy paradise

So to follow on from my last posting, which I have just realised is quite negative, I think I need to explain why I like living here…
the outdoor space is amazing, we are surrounded by trees and set up on a hill with the deck at the back being raised off the ground (above a walk-out basement, that contains one pool table, one table tennis table and a piano, amongst all our boxes). Because of this set up, when we eat outside it feels like eating in a tree house, complete with birds (even ones of the humming variety) coming to see what is occurring around the bird-feeder.
As we sit outside in the evenings, the deer crossing the field below the house will often stop and stare at us trying to figure out what we are doing. There are loads of deer here: coming up the drive this morning, five ran in front of me complete with two spotted fauns – always a thrill even though I now imagine them shedding deer ticks all over the place who then lie in wait to infect us with some horrible disease.
Monty, however, has turned into a deer chaser – hopefully he won’t catch up with any – can you imagine the de-ticking?
We also appear to have a network of groundhog burrows under us, which is why none of my tomatoes have survived. Monty discovered a burrow this afternoon – he chased something through the grass and then did his ‘excited’ dance. Upon closer investigation it was a burrow, complete with squeaking, indignant groundhog… there was even a little groundhog-worn path to the hole under the fence to the garden.
One of the best features is the creek at the bottom of the garden where Seb, Monty and I while away many hours trying to catch fish and crayfish with very little success. Monty is very good at trapping stones though, and is working on building a little cairn on the bank.
The storms here are pretty amazing too – very loud and close. I lie in bed freaking out about how close the trees are and plotting escape plans, but they do provide a welcome respite from the humidity!
I have done one run since I have been here (sorely foot severely affecting my running career), but it was great, with the path lit by fireflies – how perfect is that?
So all in all a great place to live!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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