A week of comings and goings: Part 1

So in late June/early July, Seb and I had an intensive weekend of juggling life, Monty and everything and had two lovely trips away from home, spending time with new friends and reconnecting with old ones…

the first part of the week was spent down at the beach – a kids and Emma paradise, during which many happy hours were spent being buried in the sand, digging holes, building sandcastles and jumping in the waves. One of the most pleasant surprises, coming as I do from a relatively little landmass (apparently only slightly smaller than Oregon) situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, was the temperature of the water. Instead of shivering in the waves and acclimatising oneself by numbing a body region at a time, before deciding ‘enough’s enough’ and jumping fool-hardedly into the freezing water, it was great just to walk in and jump under an oncoming wave* and float around pleasantly warm for however long I felt like, chatting leisurely to the other swimmers about which eateries were the best for crab cakes/children/potatoes etc.

Another joyful discovery at the beach house was outdoor showers in the heat – something that just would not happen at home, but something I could become fairly addicted to given half a chance. Imagine standing under a shower of hot water, outside, complete with all the outdoor noises and sunshine, and not freezing, or indeed getting the slightest bit colder when the water is turned off – in fact it probably got a wee bit warmer!

Getting to know new friends better was definitely one of the highlights too – there is something great about finding people you know you can and want to be good friends with, especially in a place that has been a bit bewildering. It was great to finally sit down and pour out some insecurities/troubles into a friendly ear.

After driving home via the outlets – where Seb fell asleep on me while I was shopping <> we had two nights at home and then went to Canada for the second half of our here-and-there week, which will be continued next time… (the power being about to run out here)


*Em @ Melbourne – no wet-suits or feet tied to surf-boards here….  to everyone else, that is a WHOLE other story that would have been written about had I been blogging then – it still makes me giggle now

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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