New House

So it’s been about a month now (where did that go?)  and I think our new house justifies a whole post all to itself…

It is large and a completely non-standard layout for a US house, which I like: it allows us to define ‘the zones’ in any way we like – although I’ve obviously been watching too much of those programmes that are designed to engender feelings of inadequacy about one’s living space.
Garnet is still clinging to the idea that one must simply have a formal dining room – I am working on releasing him from labouring under that particular delusion…

Ever noticed that as you live in house, especially one that is too big, you always end up using the same few rooms anyway? The bathrooms are a case in point – there is a shower room in the master bed-room and a separate toilet and bath-tub room by Seb’s room. We all naturally gravitate to the bathroom in the main bedroom, which begs the question, when should you use the other bathroom, and what should one put in the many cupboards? Seb only has a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and bubblebath. Oh how complicated life could get, if you let it… we generally fill this bathroom with smelly stones fished from the creek and ignore the cupboards. This approach has worked for at least a month.

Everything is very hot right now, to which one of the solutions is to close all the curtains – a solution that I try not to resort to, as it feels somewhat like living underground and there are very few built in lights here. Another consequence of the hot weather is the number of bugs that seem to want to share our living space – this was somewhat eased today by having the windows cleaned and all the decomposing stink-bugs removed, something that has made me feel a bit easier about living here

Despite the size of the house, it really feels like we have too much stuff, I keep loosing stuff and it is taking too long to unpack – I think another purge may be in order at some point… and I definitely need to start posting some pictures

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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