The week of comings and goings: Part 2

So to follow on from my previous post, Seb and I had a great time in Canada.

There were a few tense moments travelling including, but not limited to:

  • carrying a tired, increasingly heavy, 4-year-old the length of Detroit airport, before realising that, very conveniently, there is a red shuttle train that will do the same job, with a lot less toil involved;
  • the immigration lady almost not letting us into Canada because I didn’t have a signed letter from Garnet saying that I could take my son out of the USA;
  • my US phone refusing to work on a Canadian network (I really didn’t think that one through – thank goodness there are still trusty phone boxes, and that they now take credit cards).

It was great to see my old friend again – although we got off to a great start with Seb spilling his crackers all over the back of his car – it felt as if the last 15 years or so had melted away. There was a lot of catching up to do to fill in the gaps in between, which necessitated a lot of late nights, leisurely lunches (the relative relaxed nature of which were dependent on the attention span of a 4-year-old) and coffee times.

Friday was Canada day, and spent mainly on the highway in a huge traffic jam on the way to see the Falls from the Canadian side. The falls themselves are as wonderful as you would expect, but the surrounding environs are totally ruined by people trying to make a quick buck from tourism. I know that is a cheap shot, and one that has been made a million times before, but these things become cliches and well worn descriptions/arguments because they are true. Anyone taking a honeymoon there would be on for a big entry in the divorce file.
By contrast, Niagara on the Lake felt like almost the complete opposite – a beautiful little town that had a very laid back and peaceful atmosphere. Being there was so soothing that it easily overtook the experience at the falls and became the highlight of the day. A close runner up was driving into and through Toronto at night, with the Canada-day fireworks going off around us.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, relaxing and playing at the local parks, eating, going to book stores (always a luxury) and catching up with more old friends – Seb just idolised their 10-year old son. All in all a lovely weekend that reminded me of myself all that time ago, allowed me to chill out with very few responsibilities and rekindled a great friendship.

A few old photos reared their heads too… must get that scanner cranked up soon!


Looking forward to reading your comments!

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