Sunset in the Pacific NW

Where has the summer gone…?

If anyone knows the answer to the above question, can you let me know, please – it has been troubling me for days now. Also, we have been here a year now… how did that happen?

Seb is now happily settled back in school, although me and him are both having trouble with the early starts that the 15 minute drive and the requirement to have him there before 8:30 necessitates. He is giving minimal reports of what goes on at school, so I have to extract information from random threads of conversation that he dangles every so often.

It was a lovely summer, we had trips to Virginia, DC, Seattle (iPhone pic…) and Toronto and had my sister and her family to stay too. It was great to have them here – Seb loved having his cousins about – I hardly saw him for 3 weeks! As they drove away Seb said to me ‘I think I’m going to cry now’… That is the bittersweet thing about visitors, it is so nice to have them around and explore new places with them, but despite your best plans, you do put your new life on hold somewhat and when they leave, there is the horrible pain of goodbyes, which is not helped by the overwhelming task of facing a full inbox of emails that is necessary for reorganising your new life.

I have entered the autumn with several new resolutions, to make the most of my ‘free’ time:
– I have started 3 different courses
– I will upload photos – and not just in fb too (I am on Google+ too….)
– I will fill in the gaps in this blog (aided by memory jogs from the photo thing, above – good, eh?) AND write more!

I am loving writing this blog, and wanted to say thank you for all the comments I have received – they make me determined to keep going, despite life generally taking over, so stay with me!


1 thought on “Where has the summer gone…?

  1. Rob Blyth

    I think the accurate answer is south of the equator.

    Were having a bit of an Indian summer here, 27 degrees but I fear it will be short lived and magnify the inevitable and imminent onslaught of winter.

    Keep up the good work. Were both keen to keep up to date with your adventures.

    Rob & Sam


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