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Colder days

The days are getting colder here and yesterday it snowed – all day. This has heralded the beginning of the annual quest of getting Seb out of shorts and t-shirts into something that is a bit warmer. At the moment we are trying stealth tactics: he did wear a fleece and snow-pants to go outside to play in the snow… tomorrow we may try for a long-sleeve top and hide his shorts. 

We managed to throw some snowballs and build a diminutive snowman before getting the sledge out for a few runs down the hill, chased happily by Monty, who used us as a kind of moving-hurdling type exercise. He seems to finds it highly amusing whenever I move faster than a running pace and loves to give chase whenever I am on my bike etc. Our time outside ended when Seb decided to take his gloves off to ‘make better snowballs, mummy’, and got cold hands.

All the cold weather was a great start to my running outside recovery – I don’t know whether to blame the lack of speed and the molten-type legs on it being my first time running outside in 3 months or just my body rebelling at being outside on a Sunday morning with snow on the ground when it should still have been warm in bed, or at the very least curled round a pumpkin-spice coffee. 

The explosion of all things autumn out here is colourful and surprising to someone coming from a place where houses are only routinely decorated at Christmas (no exceptions – every one sticks to the rules). Last year it was just another bewilderment in a new place, but this year we are enjoying the celebrations whole-heartedly and have even arranged what we are doing on Halloween night.  We have been on hay rides, picked apples and bought apple and pumpkin related food and drink products – Garnet and Seb are currently cooking up a batch of pumpkin muffins. I love the way people decorate their houses in preparation for the various festivities and we have joined in the spirit with a big spider and two pumpkins (one real freezing in the snow, and one fake) gracing our front porch.

Of course the leaves look magnificent too – especially in the bright autumn sunlight. We have had two lovely walks over this weekend and my camera is stuffed full of oranges, yellows and off-greens, which I am getting better at downloading!

For those of you who missed it – I have put the Costa Rica pics on Picasa, so drop me an email if you need the link(s). FB seems to bury a lot of updates these days.

Emma x

PS I have offered to go into Seb’s school and talk about Bonfire Night – any ideas?

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