Main Street at Disney all dressed up

Thanksgiving in the sun

We were lucky enough to spend our second Thanksgiving in the US with members of our family which, as I understand it, is one of the nicest ways to spend it. The fact that this meant going to Orlando for the weekend was an added bonus.

The warmth of the sun seeping through to frozen bones welcomed us as we got off the plane. Is there any nicer way of starting a holiday than to feel yourself warming slowly up and remember what it is like not to be cold and wrapped up?

We had a rare day just relaxing the first day we arrived, catching up, swopping news and photos. Our Thanksgiving meal was a wonderful food overload at the local italian. It was finished off with the most amazing pumpkin cheesecake. Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday and one that I am keen to continue. It feels like Christmas without the stress of presents and is a good way of kicking off Christmas. It was so nice to spend time with family again, Seb loved spending time with his Grandad and Granny Pam and we loved just spending some very relaxing, fun time with them.

Three long days followed at Disney and Universal Studios, with Seb’s eyes getting wider each day.  For total escapism, nothing beats the experience. Everything is very slick and well managed – I am already wondering about a longer trip back, especially as we missed out on Harry Potter! One of Seb’s favourites was the Peter Pan ride. As we got off it, he turned round and said ‘that was magic’.

Of course, Seb also loved the water rides, especially the rapids at Animal Kingdom, getting as wet as he could. It was lovely to watch the fireworks and parade at the end of a long day sipping hot chocolate provided by G.

The 3D /4D movies were incredible – Seb is normally scared of them, but sat through them enthralled – apart from a minor dislike of being spat at by donkeys and sprayed by spiders. On reflection, being at Disney and Universal Studios, it makes sense that these should be the best animations I have seen.

It was very bizarre though to see the Christmas decorations out in the bright sunshine, as well as hearing Christmas music in the heat – we are now back to at least two radio stations dedicated to just Christmas music – and not even the good ones. Alvin et al are enough to drive one barmy.

The three days were finished off in style by three consecutive goes for us on the children’s roller coaster – NEVER AGAIN…


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