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Getting fit and stuff

Today I tried a new form of exercise. Pool running. It sounds mad, and feels crazy but I think it may be a bit addictive. Basically you are strapped into a small flotation device, that looks a bit like a windsurfing harness*, and let loose at the deep-end to make running movements to progress up the pool.

Progress is slow. The overriding impression, apart from ‘how ridiculous must I look?’, was ‘now I know what people are talking about when they say it felt like I was running in treacle.’ It felt at the time like it was good exercise. I knew afterwards when I tried to walk up the stairs that it was good exercise. Currently I think I will have feedback tomorrow morning letting me know just how good the exercise was.

All in all I think I have found a way back to running. Now I am wondering how best to waterproof my iPod so that I can revive my running play list. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be allowed to bring the dog into the pool though.

I also am managing to find snippets of time to call my own in which to start learning to be a journalist. I am diligently learning shorthand and drive along mentally converting road signs to a series of squiggles and lines. I am also ploughing through course materials and textbooks, trying to get it clear in my head where I should start and where I should look for work experience. Any hints/tips/contacts/suggestions very welcome please! I am feeling relieved that I am finally finding time in between the endless driving places and arranging/rearranging necessary appointments/trips etc to make a start on this and am interested to see where it will take me.

The dog gets very impatient with me these days, especially if I haven’t taken him out at exactly the right time each day – he really does have his own schedule (just like Mr Bud). After diligently taking him out everyday and chucking the ball for him to the point of exhaustion (his) I am setting aside an indulgent walk day for me to take pictures. We don’t go far on those days and he has to content himself with ALOT of sniffing, eating yuckky things and pulling old bones out of the scrub. In between trying to make sure he is not putting himself in too much trouble or eating anything too horrendous I can quite happily take pictures of whatever takes my fancy.

Tomorrow our year of visitors begins with a visit from Scotty Grannie. We are overlapping Grannies (Scotty and Funny) at Spring Break, so I am currently planning a road trip across at least 5 states to Savannah, GA…


*The comparison is taken from back in the day when I made my brief foray into that world.

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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