Purple wisteria

Spring is springing

Spring is coming out in force over here, as are the stink-bugs. The flush total for today is currently hovering around 20. They literally are crawling out of the woodwork/vents/fireplaces/window-frames/sock drawers. Just flicking them outside really doesn’t help now, as it is so mild anyway that I think they happily fly off back to their favourite entrance to the house and wait for the right moment. I am also slightly suspicious of the ones that I flush away – are they all just having terrific fun at a reunion party in the septic tank, creating mutants and plotting their way back in? A mass of tiny squashy flies have just put in an appearance too.

Happier signs of spring include the ground hog reappearing in the garden. Monty considers this good fun and springs around, barking so loudly it hurts his ears, hackles raised, trying to look as menacing as he can at the slightest movement by the woodpile. The resident herd of deer are also hanging around, which provides the dog with lots of opportunities for sampling and rolling.

I am still falling in love with this place – it truly is an amazing place to live. Where else would you want to be when trails and creeks and fields and trees are just a step out of the door? And the sky is almost non-stop deep blue? However, a continuous loop on almost every school run of Winnie the Pooh on the CD player reminds me, wistfully, of spring back home. Part of the story is set to the of sound of English birds that is so typical of early spring, when the world starts to wake up from winter, the warmth of sunshine starts to make itself felt and birds start to really use their voices again.

Spring over here appears to come quickly. The trees are showing the first hints that they will break out in flower any day now. I am looking forward to seeing the colour, but I will miss the shapes and shadows on the trees in the harsh light of winter. The sycamore trees are just beautiful, they are almost pure white and look like bright bones against the blue sky. Sometimes the branches are mottled light green, and are twisted and coiled in interesting and impossible ways. They are always stunning and it is hard to keep your eyes off them as you drive along. I am always looking out for places to take the perfect picture from. Alas no such opportunity has presented itself yet.

Enjoy the pictures, I feel there are less than there should be. I really need to get out with my camera and hunt down some sycamores!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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