Travels with the Grannies – Part 6 – The way back home

Our last stop was at Dewey Beach. True to form the wind was whipping up a sand storm and all the sensible people were hiding in their houses. We braved the wind and cold though, finding a shallow hole to shelter in until it got too much even for us.
The last day of Road Trip was a drive back into familiar territory as we drove across the Bay Bridge and up through the Delmarva peninsula. The Grannies tracked down the most amazing coffee and sandwich shop on the way, a welcome relief from all the coffee chains!

I did get a nice picture of the wind blowing the beach across from one side of the peninsula to the other, even though it finally did my camera lens in!

So, 1979 miles round trip – the longest drive/round trip I have ever done in my life. It felt bizarre to pull up our driveway again and realize that I did not to have to think about the next days route/place to stay/place to stop/ place to eat. I felt a sense of relief to get everyone back in one piece, just within the acceptable bounds of sanity. There was also a feeling of sadness that our week of freedom and closeness was over. Seb however ran into the house and clung to his father exclusively for the next couple of hours – having had his fill of female company.

More planning had gone into that week than I had done before, yet it was not overplanned – we could decide on our detailed plans on any particular day, take a detour on a whim, or stop at an interesting place. Seb was a star to put up with it and I couldn’t have managed it without the aid of the Grannies.
This one finally did my lens in…
Thanks to all for coming and making it a great trip that will live in my memory long after the fatigue has faded (it took me a good 2 weeks to feel properly human and not shy away from getting in the car again)!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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