Travels with the Grannys – part 1 – the journey begins

The Road Trip was wonderful, fun, eye-opening and at times frustrating and definitely tiring. I meant to write about it earlier but, as with all the best intentions, life seems to get in the way. Sometimes these experiences are best told from a distance when not every detail can be recalled meticulously, or so I tell myself. Instead memories can come back in an unordered fashion, tumbling to compete, not lined up chronologically like the wives of Henry VIII listed on a blackboard. I do intend to write this account in some sort of order though. To help the easily bored amongst you, it will come out in stages….

Seb, Mum (aka Funny Granny), Monty and I set off from our place on the 29th March to meet the rest of the contingent in Baboursville VA, just outside Charlottesville. The car had been strategically packed and the directions and logistics for the first night hurriedly written on a back of an envelope. Unusually organised for me most of the places we were due to stay had been previously booked and the details printed out and stowed chronologically in a pink folder. There is something about being a mum and being in charge of a car/big trip that brings out a modicum of organisation in me.  Monty, true to form, had not wandered two meters from the car since we had put our first bag in the trunk/boot two hours previously.

Predictably just 12 miles into The Road Trip we had our first bathroom break, luckily within staggering distance of a Starbucks. After a hurried lunch and tactical repack of the car, including a rethink of the Really Useful Bag*, we were off again. Five hours and 3 stops later we arrived at our first abode where we were happily reunited with the rest of our contingent: Garnet, Scotty Granny (Garnet’s mum) and Uncle Liam. 

The cabin, like all good log cabins, was on a bumpy back road that had to be found with careful applications of maps, written directions and iPhone navigation. Compared to the last log-cabin experience this one felt almost suburban, with a fenced-in yard, stumbling wifi and neighbours. It was absolutely beautiful inside, with stunning windows making the most of the outside world. For two nights at least, most of us were able to sleep in separate (albeit intimately connected) spaces.

We celebrated the first evening with dinner at the local steak-house. Overall impressions are of somewhere dark with photos of local characters and baffling artefacts on the walls. Other diners included a group from the local lodge and other locals steadily working their way through mounds of delicious food. Seb ate lots of broccoli and fell asleep while the rest of us had lots to drink, too much to eat and argued about the vagaries of life.

to be continued….

*The Really Useful Bag – something every road trip should have. It is comprised of all the stuff that passengers demand at points of a journey where there is no hope of stopping for the next 20/30/40 etc miles


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