Happy Day!

Happy, happy days – I am finally getting my life back!

As I have written before – my getting-over-this life consists of mostly small steps and the challenges of conquering previously mundane activities.

So in the past couple of weeks, I have:

  • driven the car further than the school and back
  • eaten solid food in the shape of low fibre mushiness
  • taken Monty for a walk by myself
  • put Seb to bed
  • comforted my boy when he hurt himself
  • stripped the bed sheets
  • sat at the table with my family and had breakfast with them

The first solid food in my mouth for a month were wonderful scrambled eggs – I had them last Sunday. My mouth missed the texture of food, even the squashy rubberiness of scrambled eggs. The warmth of them was comforting and they tasted ten times better than I could remember scrambled eggs ever tasting.

Fortunately my throat had not closed up at the back from lack of use and, contrary to my irrational fears, I was able to swallow them fine.

Tuesday was a big day.

I saw the foot doctor in the morning, and after 6 months, I am (mostly) cast free! Well mainly cast free anyway… I happily pulled my trusty, long boots out of the back of the cupboard and proudly wore them again.

At the moment I am happy with this level of freedom.

The results of my colonoscopy were as good as we could have hoped for – the stricture has opened and I am practically healed, thankfully! So no op there either!

Since I wrote the above, the news got even better! Today – after 2 days of proving that I can get enough calories from a mushy diet (ably helped by valentines doughnuts) – my picc line came out today, surprisingly smoothly and painlessly. I am now back on fibre-less solids full-time. No more nutrition in a bag! No more lugging 2L of fluid around in the evening. No more waking up worried that the pump has switched to reverse and is draining me into the bag. No more tubes hanging precariously from my arm threatening to get tangled, pulled or wet. Tomorrow I can take off the bandage and have a proper shower without wrapping my arm in plastic.

I am free! I can dance again (once this bloody cold goes…)!

3 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. John Monaghan

    Great news! I am bit concerned, however, about the dancing. You may be ready but is this really Garnet’s thing?

  2. Wendy

    Yay! So relieved to hear that you are finally getting back on your feet (literally and figuratively). Best wishes for continued progress.


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