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sums up my feeling

Sick sense of deja vu

sums up my feeling

So here we go again. The announcements from AstraZeneca yesterday put us back three years into the position we were in when the site closures were announced at Charnwood. One of the most frustrating aspects to this news is that we were on the brink of moving forward with our lives here. We were applying for Green Cards to stay longer. We had almost found a house that we could have made our own for… Read More »

Unplanned days

I like unplanned days. The days when you have very little idea what is going to happen and decisions are made at the last moment. These decisions are based both on what feels right and what you really want to do. Seb was off school today and despite the horrible forecasts and yesterdays rain-sleet-wind marathon, we braved the cold and took the kids and dogs down to the beach for a blusterous day. Good fun,… Read More »