sums up my feeling

Sick sense of deja vu

sums up my feeling

Gathering storms

So here we go again.

The announcements from AstraZeneca yesterday put us back three years into the position we were in when the site closures were announced at Charnwood.

One of the most frustrating aspects to this news is that we were on the brink of moving forward with our lives here. We were applying for Green Cards to stay longer. We had almost found a house that we could have made our own for the next three to five years. We have a circle of lovely, supportive friends here. We had started the emotionally difficult task of selling up our beautiful home in Melbourne.

And now what?

I have no idea – the only certainty is a move, but no idea of where and when.

Copious amounts of tea were drunk yesterday and as before the sense of loss I am feeling is an emptiness and weariness complicated with the realisation that we have no obvious place to go next.

We have been in this situation before, and I am sure the next steps will become clearer as the days and weeks move on from this point. I feel for every family affected.

Today is a big day though – Seb is being a duck-billed platypus in his class Australian assembly. He was notable in the practice yesterday as being the only one who doesn’t need a microphone.

And taking the advice of Mary Schmich, last night we danced in our living room to Seb’s current faves: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and Read My Mind. It really helps – try it some time

7 thoughts on “Sick sense of deja vu

  1. Jeremy Beatty

    Chins up, mark my words there is always something just around the corner!
    Thinking of you all

    Much love, Dad xxxxx

  2. Wendy

    Emma, your friends at TheDCH are thinking of you and hoping that a positive opportunity will emerge for your family from this new blow. So sorry to hear that your lives are in flux yet again.

  3. John Monaghan

    Dreadful news for the communities in Wilmington and Alderley.

    We didn’t get the US details on the local news in Manchester – very similar treatment of staff in the UK and North America. Hard to see how Alderley Park can survive with just some support staff. Supporting what?

    I hope that there is something better on the horizon.

  4. Jana

    Thinking of you today, Emma! Hang in there – this will sort itself out in time. Look forward to chatting more on Friday.

  5. Lori Brook

    Oh no so sorry to hear this. Don’t leave Delaware! Will has found a great friend in Garnet and we will miss you both a whole bunch!

  6. Julie Saunders

    Big hugs to you all……may the road will rise with you:) Do I recognise that amazing photo by the way?! XXX


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