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Eastern State Penitentiary

Last weekend we went to a haunting old prison in Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary. A prison that once housed Al Capone in a relatively comfortable cell. The place itself is half derelict and depression and hopelessness seep out of the walls. After a couple of hours of taking pictures, we had to sit in the sunshine to feel warm again. It has taken me a good few days to get the feeling of cold and… Read More »

10 years ago…

We got married in a perfect location in South Africa – my ideal day included the sea and beach Happy days and great memories of an amazing holiday and wedding   The only thing I would change? Having my mum and sisters there too

Ghost jelly

Aquariums and other smiley stuff

Ghost jelly

Have you ever been to an aquarium and not smiled after stepping inside? There is something about those aquariums that bring out the child and photographer in everyone. Even the most drab-looking fish, which are usually strategically placed at the entrance, get their share of excited pointing and close attention. If they were placed in the most exciting places of all, say by the octopus, or by the showiness of what has commonly come to… Read More »