One day of Kindergarten left



We are coming to the end of a momentous year in the boy’s life. He has one day of Kindergarten left. One day!

He was very excited to bring home all of his projects, books and pictures he has accumulated and proudly unpacked them all over the house. His teacher had put together a photo-book of his year, which obviously bought back happy memories. He spent ages this evening happily looking at it and telling me stories from the past year: his kindergarten project, the 100th day, the chick that pooped on the carpet, his birthday celebration, making bodies. I think I learnt more tonight about his Kindergarten career than I have all year.

He has spent his US school life under the watchful eye of Miss Caroline. The Montessori system has 3 years together in one class, so he has grown up from a fluffy-3 year old bouncing bean into a confident, curious little boy (‘big-boy mummy’) of almost 6, who proudly teaches his younger classmates.

It seems flippant and predictable to write down on paper how much we will miss both Miss Caroline and Miss Anne, how much they have guided, protected, loved and nurtured our boy and his classmates. But it is true, they are great teachers and the experience we have had at HMS of a great community and unique learning environment will be hard to beat and difficult to live up to. There is a great atmosphere at the school and we will miss being part of the place. Saying goodbye on Friday will be very difficult. We have created a strong network of supportive friends around the school, something very necessary in this peripatetic life. I hope we can take what we have all learnt from our experience into whatever happens next.

So a big, water-logged ‘THANK YOU’ to Miss Caroline, Miss Anne and all the great people we have met at HMS. I wish we were coming back, but goodness only knows what the future holds!


Me and my boy

Me and my boy

3 thoughts on “One day of Kindergarten left

  1. Adriana

    I could not say it better myself. I experienced the same emotions. I will bring the box of tissues at the graduation on Friday.

  2. themovetoamerica

    As a primary school teacher of 10+ years experience, I always remember how emotional it is (including for the teacher) as you see the children growing up and moving on. When I was teaching the last year of primary (year 6), I would get a little emotional at thinking they had matured so much.

    Molly @ The Move to America

  3. John Monaghan

    What a shame! Still onwards and upwards, and what a great photograph.

    John (just returned home from Minneapolis)


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