Reflections on another move…

Homesickness can come out of nowhere. Some days I am badly hit with a need to go home and back to the well-loved safety net of all that we have left behind. To really feel a sense of belonging that comes with years and days and months of intimately knowing what surrounds you and where to get the best prawn sandwich. At times like these it feels like that inside of me is a big hole that needs filled (by items including, but not limited to said sandwich). I literally feel like hanging my head over the toilet bowl and trying to expel the hole in me physically. That is what homesickness is.

I am trying to cope with homesickness at the moment on many levels. Selling my lovely home in Melbourne, a place that is my hometown where we have many lovely friends. Moving to a new state in the USA, leaving behind our friends and full life up North. Unpacking too many boxes of complete and utter rubbish that we have somehow acquired in our 3 years in the US.

I am sure as time goes by, and the bluddy boxes are unpacked and new places are found for the rubbish to gather dust, I will make a new life down here work. But just for now I need to mourn a little – and take my time.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on another move…

  1. Dad

    Hope you are feeling better now. I am sure you will quickly adapt to your new surroundings and settle very quickly. The grass always looks greener elsewhere but take the positives from he new experiences and doubtless you will make new friends quickly.

    Been chasing bluddy doctors, consultants and professors this end and think I have finally unblocked the wonderful NHS system – will let you know when I get some news.

    Chin up old thing and keep smiling

    Much love Dad xxxxxxxxx

  2. Tobi

    Emma, hopefully your new neighbors can help with the homesickness–anytime you are feeling sad, come on over and hug a goat 🙂 Tobi

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