Moving, changes and moving

Virginia trees Seneca Creek TreesMaybe I should change the title of this blog to ‘time keeps eluding me’ – where does it go?

The end of the summer, all of autumn and the start of the winter has passed amidst a muddle of unpacking, phone calls, appointments and the red-tape necessary to start our new lives here in Maryland. I think (although it could all change in a heartbeat and I am loath to put the words out there, just in case) we are almost there.

The summer was completely crazy – after deciding that we were going to make the move, the panic set in, especially when we faced up to reality and figured out that we were only going to be in the same country as each other for a total of four weeks over the whole summer. Somehow (and I am still not entirely sure how we pulled it off without turning completely loopy) we achieved the following:

  • scraped our remaining belongings together from the four corners of the United Kingdom through which they had been cheerfully distributed in the previous four years or so;
  • managed to get our lovely house in Melbourne into a clean sellable state (NB: there is a lot of painful unhappiness hidden in that sentence);
  • choosing a new school for the boy and moving so he can start  school on the first day of first grade (NB sounds logical but not advisable for peace of mind if you want to know to whom and with who you are sending your only son on his first day at school, not to mention the whole trauma of figuring out how the school bus system can possibly work);
  • finding a house to buy near said school, putting an offer in, working out How To Buy A House In The USA, getting a mortgage and signing lots of documents (NB: there is a lot of stress and indecision hidden in that sentence);
  • packing up our lovely house and saying goodbye to our lives we had built up over the past three years (NB: also another wrench).

Last walk at Brandywine

The month of summer that we spent in the UK passed by far too quickly as always in a blur of parties and reunions. We did manage to curtail the crazy travel around the UK (a little bit) and had some proper leisurely days out and catch-ups with friends and family. There are lots I could bore you with but the pictures are nicer).

Family reunion


Under the bridgeLooking up at Dover CastleThe happiest picture

Since we have moved here, I have been working through The Boxes rediscovering stuff that should have been sold/donated/binned aeons ago. For some still unknown reason, I have distributed said stuff around the new house with the best intentions of dealing with it at some point. I am trying to figure out in my head when that point will be – maybe a wet Tuesday morning in March? Or on an annoyed Sunday afternoon? Or (most likely) we re-patriate..? I am  fairly optimistic that it will happen in the next year or so… I am even still hopeful that some stuff will find it’s way onto ebay/Craigs List before Christmas.

Seneca Creek

We are almost fully moved in now, most of the boxes are unpacked and we are trying to work out where to put the Christmas tree. The house is accommodating; both our furniture and way of life has slotted into it nicely. There have been a few trauma’s with leaky roofs and taps, but we have done what we can to get ready for winter. We miss all our friends a lot though and it seems as if it is taking a bit longer to settle in here than I thought. At the moment I am content with helping the boy find his feet here – I am not in a huge hurry to throw myself wholly into a new life again. In the meantime I am happy we can get into Washington DC easily and am looking forward to getting reacquainted with my camera.

We did manage a long weekend in a cabin and I now know where you can pickled pigs feet at the supermarket.

Ghost trees in LurayMe and the boy

PS For some reason, completely out of the blue, Monty has taken to barking (without leaving his bed, or even raising his head) at the theme music for ‘How I met your mother’… (Answers on a postcard please)

More pictures here.

5 thoughts on “Moving, changes and moving

  1. John Monaghan

    Great to get an update. I just hope that you can get everything shipshape before Christmas.

    Best wishes


  2. Tracey

    Hey hun, lovely reading your update (sat on the train from London following work Christmas party)… must get on Skype dion. Love to you all x

  3. Lizzie

    Good communicating our Em, it s very necessary your blog to make old friends feel connected to the three of you. I could do the same. How easy is it to set up? Definitely a cathartic experience reading it. What’s your address please? Answer to . Big hug x x x


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