Five years in the US

Today marks a major milestone – on this day 5 years ago we entered the US with some random possessions, that we apparently couldn’t trust to the shipping container, piled on an airport trolley with a sleeping boy balanced on top

My two entries on Facebook read:

Bye bye uk for a while… We are hitting business class today plus checking in 8 bags and car seat. Do you think we’ll be the most popular family on the flight?!  Thanks to everyone for your wishes, we’ll miss you! Come and see us soon x

well we’ve landed… shattered and waiting at the hotel for take-away! Thanks again all, and watch this space! Love Em, G and Seb (sleeping soundly) xxx

I remember how different life felt at first, from going to the doctor to walking the dog. I still think that more culture shock is experienced in a supermarket than anywhere else. During those first few months I compared life in the US constantly to back in the UK and was horribly homesick for my lovely life, friends and family left behind.

Life is good now though. Five years and three states later, we live in a great place and have built up some amazing friendships over here that have helped us through some difficult times. Our boy identifies himself as “half-English, half-Scottish and half-American”. Despite some amazing holidays, I do still feel we have only scratched the surface of this hugely, complicated and welcoming country and am still wanting to get to know it better.

Of course we still miss what we left behind and I feel a long way away, but I do feel more at home here now. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember where I first encountered a song, a sweet or a particular shop, or how one should behave at a roundabout.

When we have visitors we are able to spend quality time with them – something that has bought me closer to those that are able to travel and stay with us. It is always sad when they go home, but staying in touch is definitely easier and it is always reassuring to hear what is happening back home.

Sometimes I feels I do still have moments of culture shock – but these days it is likely to be back in Sainsbury’s rather than in Giant or CVS.


Thanks all to sticking with me over the past five years and raising a glass to the next five!

8 thoughts on “Five years in the US

  1. Lucy Stephens

    What a lovely blog Emma, I can’t believe it’s five years since you’ve gone! I think Seb’s maths is a little suspect. Lovely photos too. Life trundles on in much the same vein here, although there are quite a few new houses in Melbourne now, including along the Ashby Road. Maybe we’ll get out there to visit you one of these days. Have I mentioned that Martin is training to be a primary school teacher now? All our love, the Stephenses. xx

  2. Lizzie Croker

    It s good to hear how you are Emma, well done for being conscientious with your blog. It definitely helps in keeping connected. I’m glad you are intrigued by the US and want to know more. Keep in touch. Love and a hug Lx

  3. Rachel Hammond

    Aw Em this is lovely to read. 5 yrs have gone so quick. Raising a glass of Holby City back at you tonight!! Love to all xxx

  4. John Monaghan

    Hard to believe that five years have passed so quickly. Meanwhile hardly anything has changed here – Quiz team gets no better, Hibs certainly get no better but the Festival was good again this year. Best wishes to you all.

  5. Sally Walker

    Emma great to read your blog entry. Seems only a short while since we were doing your pre-departure coaching together! Thanks for all the learnings you’ve shared with others over the last 5 years. Here’s to many more..


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