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Freedom! #blizzard2016

The plows managed to get through this evening! It took a while – at the first attempt the plow managed about 5 meters up the hill before sliding back down and retreating back to the 28. We thought we had been abandoned again, but ably supported by a couple of little diggers, a bigger plow came back and made it up the hill! I imagine it will take a few passes before we are free… Read More »

Dig out day #blizzard2016

Today the dig out begins. Garnet is doing a great job of cleaning our drive, aided by a friendly neighbor, the boy (sometimes) and Monty (mainly when he has lost his ball. Currently has been solidly digging snow for most of the day and is about 2/3 done. Apparently it was 38.5 inches in the end round here in the end – that is a lot of snow to move! Everyone around us is currently clearing in… Read More »


Well, I have to say it’s been a funny old day. I found out the answer to the question of ‘what does one do in a blizzard with a foot in a pneumatic boot?’ The answer is ‘relatively little, except worry about those who are out in it’. Nothing too earth shattering there. We were lucky enough to share part of the day with friends who skied up here with Garnet and The boy following… Read More »

Peak blizzard #blizzard2016

 Apparently we are at the peak of the blizzard – the snow is now piled up almost as tall as me outside the garage. And I think there has been a total fall of over 3 foot now with more to come. Feeling properly snowed in – the house feels dark and echo-y.  So although we thought it may be a good idea to put the car with the full tank of petrol in the… Read More »

Stuck in 

#blizzard2016 We are now well and truely stuck in, drifting snow has blocked up the garage and the snow is coming in sideways. I’ve never seen anything like it – so much snow it is difficult to get out of the house.  The boy and Garnet have braved the 18 inches or so and are trying out their new snowshoes. Last seen Monty was following in their footsteps as the snow is almost over his… Read More »

Waking up to…

#blizzard2016 Lots of snow – not sure how we are going to let Monty out today and it’s still snowing. Everything is in the process of being well and truely buried – just glad we got the wood in and managed to find tonic water and potatoes.   

6pm update

Not too much so far – a couple inches #blizzard2016 The dog is acting weirdly still and the boy is dancing to ‘penguins of Madagascar’ G&T time      

And it begins…

Wood, water and bananas in – check Car in – check Everyone home – check  All offices closed – check And so it begins…   

Waiting for the storm…

      The schools are closed, the shelves in the supermarket are out of anything vaguely useful, the government closes at 12, the Metro and bus services are closing this afternoon, all activities are cancelled or postponed – we are almost ready for this storm – 18-30 inches forecast with strong winds and snow thunder.  This morning is going to find us gathering torches / flashlights and making sure we have enough water to last… Read More »