Dig out day #blizzard2016

Today the dig out begins. Garnet is doing a great job of cleaning our drive, aided by a friendly neighbor, the boy (sometimes) and Monty (mainly when he has lost his ball. Currently has been solidly digging snow for most of the day and is about 2/3 done.

Apparently it was 38.5 inches in the end round here in the end – that is a lot of snow to move! Everyone around us is currently clearing in the hope that the snow plow will appear soon – otherwise there is no way we can get out of the road. Ho hum!

News is dribbling in – we think the main road through Darnestown may be cleared, Garnet saw one car going along it earlier. Montgomery County Government is closed tomorrow, the schools and all the rec grounds are closed until at least Tuesday. There is still no sound from the shop behind us. The last update I saw had the snow plow turning up within 48 hours.

We still have enough food for a couple of days and enough wood until tomorrow sometime – the log pile may need to be dug out before the car!

And so it continues…

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