Waiting for the storm…

The schools are closed, the shelves in the supermarket are out of anything vaguely useful, the government closes at 12, the Metro and bus services are closing this afternoon, all activities are cancelled or postponed – we are almost ready for this storm – 18-30 inches forecast with strong winds and snow thunder. 

This morning is going to find us gathering torches / flashlights and making sure we have enough water to last til Monday. I have the chocolate chips to make cookies and the chocolate bars to make brownies and of course, potatoes. It was a close run thing though – we managed to get the last good ones from the store.

So now we wait, one can only listen to so many reports and attempts at modeling the projected paths and snow totals. My jippy leg will not be able to get too far in this weather so I am hoping that the power will stay on allowing us to movie binge. At least I will be exempt from clearing snow.

For those of you complacent in your usual dumps up North or out West, yes we know you get this all the time, but you are a billion times better equipped and more used to it. After all a light dusting yesterday befuddled DC what is upwards of 20 inches going to do?

For those who aren’t curling their lips in disgust, we are going to dig in and enjoy the experience until the power goes out…

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the storm…

    1. emma Post author

      Blowing it your way! The latest is we ‘need to be where we are planning to be by 3 pm and be prepared for 72 hours indoors’


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