On our way…


We have lived in lovely Maryland now for three years now, during which time we have made amazing friends, explored DC (although never quite enough), rediscovered a passion for tennis and fallen in love with the Old Line State and blue crabs.

But – and I am sure you knew it was coming at some point – we are off again. The US adventure continues, but this time over on the West Coast in Southern California where G has a new job. We are going to be in Thousand Oaks, north of LA in apparently endless sunshine.

The last couple of months have passed in a flurry of preparing the house to the exacting standards required by the discerning American house buyer. Then, when we finally had the house on the market, several problems chose that time to appear. A leak in the bathroom ceiling, dropped on a viewers head and almost certainly frightened the prospective new owners away. This meant that we had to take the house off the market and a go through a massive insurance claim. Still the buyers will have a nice new carpet and ceiling.

We are currently undergoing the results of the house inspections and all the negotiations and repair work that goes with it. I am in a state of permanent touching wood and crossing of fingers to hope that nothing major happens to put off the new people. The movers are also booked. Everything is happening in a very small timeframe and if it all comes off it will be a minor miracle.

Hopefully if all goes to plan we will soon be driving across the country – Monty, the boy, myself and Scotty Granny!


(Amazingly I made it through this post without mentioning the election…)

3 thoughts on “On our way…

  1. John Monaghan

    Exciting news. Have you got a house in California?

    I assume that “new” means with a different company. I guess that there quite a few Pharma companies in the Thousand Oaks area although Amgen is probably the best known.

    We (Margaret and I, plus Susan, Sam and the 2 boys) are just back from 5 days in New York. We had a great time, although it was extremely windy on top of the Empire State Building. It was amazing to find that there were no posters for any of the ongoing elections anywhere in the city, although plenty of knocking adverts – mainly for Congressional seats – on the TV.

    The only change here is that one member of our Quiz team is being interviewed for a job (deputy head) at Eton College today. If she gets it we will be severely lacking in classical knowledge; she is currently head of Classics at Manchester Grammar.

    Best wishes


  2. Beth MS

    Just came across your blog again. I have been looking at old articles on the NEC and was wondering what you’re up to. I hope this next move goes smoothly. All the best. Beth


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