Today is our last day of living in Maryland and on the East Coast.

G and I have spent the morning at the emergency vets and are currently waiting for Monty to come out of x-rays. Hopefully he will have the all clear and be sent off with some pills, painkillers and a pat on the head.

So instead of regretting the time here I am going to focus on what I am thankful for:

  • Our family will soon be back together again in Sourthern California
  • We have made an amazing friends here on the East Coast who will be forever part of us moving forward – thanks so much for enriching our lives and helping us navigate and make sense of our lives in the US
  • Despite the terrible results of the referendum and the election I feel ready to react and fight to make sure the future is not totally bleak for our communities and children. Everyone  can make a small difference in their own sphere of influence which can contribute to a movement for difference for the better in the long run. This I firmly believe. To paraphrase John Oliver – never stop knowing that none of this is normal.
  • I have a road trip to look forward to with the added bonus of having Garnet meet us at the end so we can drive to our new home together in Thousand Oaks, California

So Farewell to the East Coast – we won’t forget you and thanks! We will be back !

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 

  1. Jeremy Beatty

    Hope Monty is ok – he must Iike the east coast! Drive safely, my dears and enjoy the trip. I’m sure you will get a lovely welcome in Cal-i-forn-i-a. Can’t wait to visit next year.
    Much love, Dad xx

    1. Emma

      Thanks Dad ! He is fine – just very sore on his twisted ankle! Lung X-ray clear so still no idea why he is coughing. At least it is not lego obstruction and we have enough meds to cover the trip x


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