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Cross Country Road Trip – Part 2

Day 6: Amarillo to Santa Fe – 209 miles Today we finally got to the Cadillac Ranch – a much anticipated stop off the I-40. We arrived armed with an orange spray canister and we were not disappointed. The attraction is an art installation where 10 cadillacs are partly buried in the middle of a field that stretches for miles around them with nothing, but broken stalks of grass, to break the horizon line. Visitors are… Read More »

Cross country – part 1

A total of ten days, 3,426 miles, nine states and two cars. One granny, one dog, one boy, one me and G joining us for the last two days. It feels amazing to look back on it and think we did that – I could definitely have taken longer and seen more. There is so much in this country – although at times driving though the Southern Plains it felt as if there was pretty much only one… Read More »