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The same night

Driving through the hills, trying not to watch the flames warm up the dark in the deadliest way possible, I made myself focus on following my friends tail lights. There were several hairpin bends and parts of the road so steep uphill it looked as if the nose of the car would soon be at such an impossible angle that the whole car would flip over and we would tumble into the dark valley. All… Read More »

24 hours in Thousand Oaks

The last couple of weeks have been intense, emotionally draining, exhausting, scary but thankfully full of community. I don’t think any of us who have experienced these events will ever forget them. We live in the Westlake Village area of Thousand Oaks. Until late in the evening of Wednesday the 7th of November, 2108, not many people outside Southern California, had ever heard of our town. Thursday we woke up to the appalling news that… Read More »

Cross Country Road Trip – Part 2

Day 6: Amarillo to Santa Fe – 209 miles Today we finally got to the Cadillac Ranch – a much anticipated stop off the I-40. We arrived armed with an orange spray canister and we were not disappointed. The attraction is an art installation where 10 cadillacs are partly buried in the middle of a field that stretches for miles around them with nothing, but broken stalks of grass, to break the horizon line. Visitors are… Read More »

Cross country – part 1

A total of ten days, 3,426 miles, nine states and two cars. One granny, one dog, one boy, one me and G joining us for the last two days. It feels amazing to look back on it and think we did that – I could definitely have taken longer and seen more. There is so much in this country – although at times driving though the Southern Plains it felt as if there was pretty much only one… Read More »


Today is our last day of living in Maryland and on the East Coast. G and I have spent the morning at the emergency vets and are currently waiting for Monty to come out of x-rays. Hopefully he will have the all clear and be sent off with some pills, painkillers and a pat on the head. So instead of regretting the time here I am going to focus on what I am thankful for:… Read More »

On our way…

We have lived in lovely Maryland now for three years now, during which time we have made amazing friends, explored DC (although never quite enough), rediscovered a passion for tennis and fallen in love with the Old Line State and blue crabs. But – and I am sure you knew it was coming at some point – we are off again. The US adventure continues, but this time over on the West Coast in Southern California… Read More »

Freedom! #blizzard2016

The plows managed to get through this evening! It took a while – at the first attempt the plow managed about 5 meters up the hill before sliding back down and retreating back to the 28. We thought we had been abandoned again, but ably supported by a couple of little diggers, a bigger plow came back and made it up the hill! I imagine it will take a few passes before we are free… Read More »

Dig out day #blizzard2016

Today the dig out begins. Garnet is doing a great job of cleaning our drive, aided by a friendly neighbor, the boy (sometimes) and Monty (mainly when he has lost his ball. Currently has been solidly digging snow for most of the day and is about 2/3 done. Apparently it was 38.5 inches in the end round here in the end – that is a lot of snow to move! Everyone around us is currently clearing in… Read More »


Well, I have to say it’s been a funny old day. I found out the answer to the question of ‘what does one do in a blizzard with a foot in a pneumatic boot?’ The answer is ‘relatively little, except worry about those who are out in it’. Nothing too earth shattering there. We were lucky enough to share part of the day with friends who skied up here with Garnet and The boy following… Read More »

Peak blizzard #blizzard2016

 Apparently we are at the peak of the blizzard – the snow is now piled up almost as tall as me outside the garage. And I think there has been a total fall of over 3 foot now with more to come. Feeling properly snowed in – the house feels dark and echo-y.  So although we thought it may be a good idea to put the car with the full tank of petrol in the… Read More »