Stuck in 

#blizzard2016 We are now well and truely stuck in, drifting snow has blocked up the garage and the snow is coming in sideways. I’ve never seen anything like it – so much snow it is difficult to get out of the house.  The boy and Garnet have braved the 18 inches or so and are trying out their new snowshoes. Last seen Monty was following in their footsteps as the snow is almost over his… Read More »

Waking up to…

#blizzard2016 Lots of snow – not sure how we are going to let Monty out today and it’s still snowing. Everything is in the process of being well and truely buried – just glad we got the wood in and managed to find tonic water and potatoes.   

6pm update

Not too much so far – a couple inches #blizzard2016 The dog is acting weirdly still and the boy is dancing to ‘penguins of Madagascar’ G&T time      

And it begins…

Wood, water and bananas in – check Car in – check Everyone home – check  All offices closed – check And so it begins…   

Waiting for the storm…

      The schools are closed, the shelves in the supermarket are out of anything vaguely useful, the government closes at 12, the Metro and bus services are closing this afternoon, all activities are cancelled or postponed – we are almost ready for this storm – 18-30 inches forecast with strong winds and snow thunder.  This morning is going to find us gathering torches / flashlights and making sure we have enough water to last… Read More »

Happy Holidays!

I thought this would be a good place to put our Christmas letter – it is one less thing for you to recycle.


I am so close now to coming out of this cast that it doesn’t seem as if it is really going to happen. Come Friday I will be able to shower without a plastic bag around my cast, wash my feet, shave my left leg and sleep in relative comfort. OK, so I will still have a pneumatic boot, but all the listed activities will be new to me (or since Sept anyway)! All the… Read More »


November 18, 2015


I am driving again – this is a huge deal! The feeling of sitting behind the wheel of my lovely car again was great – it just feels so good to be mobile and semi-independent. Even though realistically if I did go shopping, my purchases would sit mouldering in the car until removed by someone else, and I can’t reach everything on the shelves from an electronic wheelchair it still feels great to know that theoretically I could pop out for a pint of milk.

_MG_5163We are also Granny-less for a couple of days – Scotty Granny left yesterday, but happily Funny Granny is coming tomorrow! I have no idea how could manage without them – so a big shout out for the Grannies!

Walking is getting easier and I am hoping to be crutch free next week…!



Yesterday was momentous, but today even more so!

Yesterday released me from the last eight weeks of mainly sitting around on my bum.

Whale watching

Roaming around the inlets, islands and open ocean searching for whales, sealions, seals, otters, bears and eagles has been a feature of this summer’s vacations on both sides of the country.