Longwood on a rainy day

4 thoughts on “Longwood on a rainy day

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  2. Lori Brook

    Emma- So sorry to hear that you are leaving DE but I am certain that you and Garnet will make MANY friends as you are such wonderfully friendly entertaining people! Will is going to miss his ping pong buddy for sure!

    1. emma Post author

      I know – it was a tough decision to make and we will miss this area. The past 3 years have been fun! I am sure we will be back for weekends, it’s not that far !

  3. John Monaghan

    Longwood Gardens is the one place you have featured that I actually visited when I went to ICI in Wilmington. I see that the Philadelphia Orchestra is giving a concert there this evening.

    I’m sure that you will enjoy the Washington area although it must be a wrench having to move yet again. I really only know the Georgetown area and central DC, not any of the suburbs.

    Good luck!


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