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The same night

Driving through the hills, trying not to watch the flames warm up the dark in the deadliest way possible, I made myself focus on following my friends tail lights. There were several hairpin bends and parts of the road so steep uphill it looked as if the nose of the car would soon be at such an impossible angle that the whole car would flip over and we would tumble into the dark valley. All… Read More »

24 hours in Thousand Oaks

The last couple of weeks have been intense, emotionally draining, exhausting, scary but thankfully full of community. I don’t think any of us who have experienced these events will ever forget them. We live in the Westlake Village area of Thousand Oaks. Until late in the evening of Wednesday the 7th of November, 2108, not many people outside Southern California, had ever heard of our town. Thursday we woke up to the appalling news that… Read More »

There and back again…

Once again it has been a lovely hectic trip comprised of catching up with as many family and friends who can fit into our crazy hurtle round the UK.

He did it!

He jumped!     My dad is amazing, I couldn’t have done it! Think about it – so far above the earth, houses are specks and you have to leap out of a plane and free-fall for six minutes. That has to be so contrary to what your mind and every sense in your body is telling you to do. We are proud of you Dad! So enough of my words – here are his:… Read More »


June 22, 2013

****** Jump postponed – now due Wednesday *******

… is jumping out of a plane tomorrow to raise money for rehabilitating Gibbons …

as I am not doing a run this year, maybe you can sponsor him?

Dad in Congo

Dad in Congo

See more pics of the crazy man at:


me xxxxx

PS – Dad we are very proud of you (and a bit in awe) hope it all goes well and you don’t get too addicted to the adrenaline high

Please read before you judge me…

As I hang my head in shame with the realisation of ‘it really has been far too long since I last updated my blog’, I feel I owe you all an explanation of how my time has disappeared. Whether you are a loyal friend/family/follower/mildly curious or have just stumbled to my humble corner of the web through an idle/serendipitous/accidental click please read on. Feel free to pass judgement on my shoddy blog-keeping at the end… Read More »

Standards at Salisbury

Home and History

Standards at Salisbury

Birthday Boy We have been back for over a week now, and I wanted to capture the memories of a wonderful trip home before they become more elusive. Memories always fade somewhat, no matter how hard you try to keep hold of them. Usually they are mysteriously replaced with overall impressions of how awful the weather was and how wonderful it was to renew friendships and have instant access to our families. Being back amongst… Read More »

Centre of Melbourne

Getting reacquainted

Centre of Melbourne

After clearing customs this side of the pond we headed for the first item on the UK-Must-Eat list: a proper bacon sandwich, something I had been hankering after since before Christmas. It was a disappointment, but I have been consoling myself by rediscovering other British delicacies such as prawn sandwiches, cheese and onion crisps and sausage rolls. M&S is truly wonderful. Road signs, number plates, chocolate bars, favourite shops and all the seemingly, insignificant paraphenalia… Read More »

Bird watching (and feeding)

One of my friends remarked, while he was on business to the UK, ‘the birds are different here’ – too true. The littlest things we grow up with and are totally comfortable with: birds, shops, grass, customs etc, can be totally different in your new country – In terms of familiar birds, I think only sparrows and ubiquitous big black birds are the same… Anyway, we have a bird feeder outside our breakfast room window… Read More »

Royal Wedding day

Well, we had to do something to mark it – even it was just the title of today’s blog!  I am sitting here, watching the highlights on BBC America and thinking that it would have been nice to be at home and join in celebrations, but failing that, it is great to have the evening to myself and indulge watching it… love the BBC! I have found this before: one gets fonder of things, even… Read More »