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He did it!

He jumped!     My dad is amazing, I couldn’t have done it! Think about it – so far above the earth, houses are specks and you have to leap out of a plane and free-fall for six minutes. That has to be so contrary to what your mind and every sense in your body is telling you to do. We are proud of you Dad! So enough of my words – here are his:… Read More »


June 22, 2013

****** Jump postponed – now due Wednesday *******

… is jumping out of a plane tomorrow to raise money for rehabilitating Gibbons …

as I am not doing a run this year, maybe you can sponsor him?


Dad in Congo

Dad in Congo

See more pics of the crazy man at:



me xxxxx

PS – Dad we are very proud of you (and a bit in awe) hope it all goes well and you don’t get too addicted to the adrenaline high