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Sunny sleigh ride


Sunny sleigh ride

I don’t know why it takes me by surprise after all this time, but Christmas has a habit of creeping up and ambushing me. Every year during December I make the same promise to myself – next year I will start earlier. I should know by now that I never do. This year has been exactly the same, but with the added stress of earlier posting dates. For two weeks solid my life has been… Read More »

This is all starting to look familiar

We found out this week that our stay in the US has been extended by at least another year – I knew there had to be a good reason why we didn’t get olympic tickets. Overall, this is good news – we are definitely more settled into life here than we were a year, or even six months ago. Of course I still have pangs for home every so often – especially for a good… Read More »

Bird watching (and feeding)

One of my friends remarked, while he was on business to the UK, ‘the birds are different here’ – too true. The littlest things we grow up with and are totally comfortable with: birds, shops, grass, customs etc, can be totally different in your new country – In terms of familiar birds, I think only sparrows and ubiquitous big black birds are the same… Anyway, we have a bird feeder outside our breakfast room window… Read More »

Royal Wedding day

Well, we had to do something to mark it – even it was just the title of today’s blog!  I am sitting here, watching the highlights on BBC America and thinking that it would have been nice to be at home and join in celebrations, but failing that, it is great to have the evening to myself and indulge watching it… love the BBC! I have found this before: one gets fonder of things, even… Read More »