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Two more weeks…

The past 6 weeks have been slow-moving and achy. After much abuse and pain my ankle (and head) finally relented and agreed to ankle reconstruction surgery.

Moving, changes and moving

Maybe I should change the title of this blog to ‘time keeps eluding me’ – where does it go? The end of the summer, all of autumn and the start of the winter has passed amidst a muddle of unpacking, phone calls, appointments and the red-tape necessary to start our new lives here in Maryland. I think (although it could all change in a heartbeat and I am loath to put the words out there,… Read More »

Please read before you judge me…

As I hang my head in shame with the realisation of ‘it really has been far too long since I last updated my blog’, I feel I owe you all an explanation of how my time has disappeared. Whether you are a loyal friend/family/follower/mildly curious or have just stumbled to my humble corner of the web through an idle/serendipitous/accidental click please read on. Feel free to pass judgement on my shoddy blog-keeping at the end… Read More »

Standards at Salisbury

Home and History

Standards at Salisbury

Birthday Boy We have been back for over a week now, and I wanted to capture the memories of a wonderful trip home before they become more elusive. Memories always fade somewhat, no matter how hard you try to keep hold of them. Usually they are mysteriously replaced with overall impressions of how awful the weather was and how wonderful it was to renew friendships and have instant access to our families. Being back amongst… Read More »

Centre of Melbourne

Getting reacquainted

Centre of Melbourne

After clearing customs this side of the pond we headed for the first item on the UK-Must-Eat list: a proper bacon sandwich, something I had been hankering after since before Christmas. It was a disappointment, but I have been consoling myself by rediscovering other British delicacies such as prawn sandwiches, cheese and onion crisps and sausage rolls. M&S is truly wonderful. Road signs, number plates, chocolate bars, favourite shops and all the seemingly, insignificant paraphenalia… Read More »

Purple wisteria

Spring is springing

Purple wisteria

Spring is coming out in force over here, as are the stink-bugs. The flush total for today is currently hovering around 20. They literally are crawling out of the woodwork/vents/fireplaces/window-frames/sock drawers. Just flicking them outside really doesn’t help now, as it is so mild anyway that I think they happily fly off back to their favourite entrance to the house and wait for the right moment. I am also slightly suspicious of the ones that… Read More »

And so January passes

Here we are in the middle / end of January, and at least one of my resolutions has already been scuppered. Perhaps I should make February 1st the starter for my resolutions? One of my resolutions was to post to my blog at least every other week – as you may be able to tell by my blogging silence, that hasn’t really happened. Hopefully this post will make up for the silence, but you may… Read More »

This is all starting to look familiar

We found out this week that our stay in the US has been extended by at least another year – I knew there had to be a good reason why we didn’t get olympic tickets. Overall, this is good news – we are definitely more settled into life here than we were a year, or even six months ago. Of course I still have pangs for home every so often – especially for a good… Read More »

Sunset in the Pacific NW

Where has the summer gone…?

Sunset in the Pacific NW

If anyone knows the answer to the above question, can you let me know, please – it has been troubling me for days now. Also, we have been here a year now… how did that happen? Seb is now happily settled back in school, although me and him are both having trouble with the early starts that the 15 minute drive and the requirement to have him there before 8:30 necessitates. He is giving minimal… Read More »

Bird watching (and feeding)

One of my friends remarked, while he was on business to the UK, ‘the birds are different here’ – too true. The littlest things we grow up with and are totally comfortable with: birds, shops, grass, customs etc, can be totally different in your new country – In terms of familiar birds, I think only sparrows and ubiquitous big black birds are the same… Anyway, we have a bird feeder outside our breakfast room window… Read More »