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Happy Day!

Happy, happy days – I am finally getting my life back! As I have written before – my getting-over-this life consists of mostly small steps and the challenges of conquering previously mundane activities. So in the past couple of weeks, I have: driven the car further than the school and back eaten solid food in the shape of low fibre mushiness taken Monty for a walk by myself put Seb to bed comforted my boy… Read More »

Life of recovering…

Right now I feel I am ready to start reclaiming my life… I want to be around for Seb when he needs someone to hurry him up in the morning, take him to school, big gym, swimming and cheer him on in his activities, play outside in the snow I want to throw a ball and run down the hill with Monty (perhaps not up again though) I want to go to sleep without being… Read More »

2013 hasn’t started in the best way…

The day I came home from over a week in hospital was definitely a good day. I felt happy and at peace as I walked around the house full of familiar furniture and possessions Garnet and I have collected together over the years. Each piece has at least one story behind them that I can recall in an instant. I had a the biggest smile on my face. Nothing is more relaxing than being at home!… Read More »