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Two more weeks…

The past 6 weeks have been slow-moving and achy. After much abuse and pain my ankle (and head) finally relented and agreed to ankle reconstruction surgery.

2013 hasn’t started in the best way…

The day I came home from over a week in hospital was definitely a good day. I felt happy and at peace as I walked around the house full of familiar furniture and possessions Garnet and I have collected together over the years. Each piece has at least one story behind them that I can recall in an instant. I had a the biggest smile on my face. Nothing is more relaxing than being at home!… Read More »

From a fall to an election (plus some bits in between)

It’s been a long time since I have written for which I can only repeat my apologies to infinity. Believe me when I say that I have missed the writing more than you have missed reading it. It’s good to be in touch again though and long may it continue… My silence started with a loud crack from my left ankle as it twisted horribly underneath me while I was trying to run again way… Read More »