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Moving, changes and moving

Maybe I should change the title of this blog to ‘time keeps eluding me’ – where does it go? The end of the summer, all of autumn and the start of the winter has passed amidst a muddle of unpacking, phone calls, appointments and the red-tape necessary to start our new lives here in Maryland. I think (although it could all change in a heartbeat and I am loath to put the words out there,… Read More »

One day of Kindergarten left

We are coming to the end of a momentous year in the boy’s life. He has one day of Kindergarten left. One day! He was very excited to bring home all of his projects, books and pictures he has accumulated and proudly unpacked them all over the house. His teacher had put together a photo-book of his year, which obviously bought back happy memories. He spent ages this evening happily looking at it and telling… Read More »

Pink hearts and craziness

Another so-called ‘festival’ has crept up on me, dressed in sparkly pink, glittery red and accessorised in sickening cute-ness. Yep, Valentines day. I don’t remember there being this much of a fuss about it back home… but if there is a feverish Valentine-related breakout in the UK I really don’t want to know. I like the idea of cynicism winning through somewhere. The picture in my mind of Brits grumbling away in a low-level way… Read More »