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Moving, changes and moving

Maybe I should change the title of this blog to ‘time keeps eluding me’ – where does it go? The end of the summer, all of autumn and the start of the winter has passed amidst a muddle of unpacking, phone calls, appointments and the red-tape necessary to start our new lives here in Maryland. I think (although it could all change in a heartbeat and I am loath to put the words out there,… Read More »

In-between days

A huge admission: I have never been brilliant at making decisions. I am not talking about everyday ones, like which chocolate bar to buy (although that particular decision has been made very easy since starting a restrictive diet – i.e. one of the two that don’t contain lactose, gluten or too much taste). I am talking about the big life decisions. It turns out my other half isn’t too good at it either. It’s times… Read More »

One day of Kindergarten left

We are coming to the end of a momentous year in the boy’s life. He has one day of Kindergarten left. One day! He was very excited to bring home all of his projects, books and pictures he has accumulated and proudly unpacked them all over the house. His teacher had put together a photo-book of his year, which obviously bought back happy memories. He spent ages this evening happily looking at it and telling… Read More »

Please read before you judge me…

As I hang my head in shame with the realisation of ‘it really has been far too long since I last updated my blog’, I feel I owe you all an explanation of how my time has disappeared. Whether you are a loyal friend/family/follower/mildly curious or have just stumbled to my humble corner of the web through an idle/serendipitous/accidental click please read on. Feel free to pass judgement on my shoddy blog-keeping at the end… Read More »

Ghost jelly

Aquariums and other smiley stuff

Ghost jelly

Have you ever been to an aquarium and not smiled after stepping inside? There is something about those aquariums that bring out the child and photographer in everyone. Even the most drab-looking fish, which are usually strategically placed at the entrance, get their share of excited pointing and close attention. If they were placed in the most exciting places of all, say by the octopus, or by the showiness of what has commonly come to… Read More »

Ski school

Not so much of a skiing trip as an inauspicious end to 2012

Ski school

Disclaimer/warning: there is a rant buried in here somewhere, mainly bought on by not being able to participate in our skiing trip due to a non-bendy ankle. Those of a delicate disposition should not read on past the first few paragraphs. The day after Boxing Day started with a flight to Denver and a drive up into the snowy mountains. America is a country of such contrasts. You can fly for 4 hours and only… Read More »

Snow at Longwood

Our third Christmas stateside

Snow at Longwood

We had a wonderful, traditional Christmas. Christmas Eve evening was just lovely. We took the excited boys to the glorious light show at Longwood Gardens. The whole experience became ten times more exciting and perfect with the fall of the first sticking snow of the season. There was definitely enough to scrape snowballs together and scrunch satisfyingly through the snow. The day itself started with the excitement of finding out that Santa had not only… Read More »

Balloons and Father Christmas 2012

For our third Thanksgiving in the USA, we decided to turn our backs on an all day eating fest and join one of the best loved traditions – so we went to New York to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. This also meant that we would be able to witness the arrival of Santa Claus / Father Christmas and welcome him for the unofficial kick-off of the Christmas season. Seb and I caught the… Read More »

From a fall to an election (plus some bits in between)

It’s been a long time since I have written for which I can only repeat my apologies to infinity. Believe me when I say that I have missed the writing more than you have missed reading it. It’s good to be in touch again though and long may it continue… My silence started with a loud crack from my left ankle as it twisted horribly underneath me while I was trying to run again way… Read More »

Standards at Salisbury

Home and History

Standards at Salisbury

Birthday Boy We have been back for over a week now, and I wanted to capture the memories of a wonderful trip home before they become more elusive. Memories always fade somewhat, no matter how hard you try to keep hold of them. Usually they are mysteriously replaced with overall impressions of how awful the weather was and how wonderful it was to renew friendships and have instant access to our families. Being back amongst… Read More »