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Moving, changes and moving

Maybe I should change the title of this blog to ‘time keeps eluding me’ – where does it go? The end of the summer, all of autumn and the start of the winter has passed amidst a muddle of unpacking, phone calls, appointments and the red-tape necessary to start our new lives here in Maryland. I think (although it could all change in a heartbeat and I am loath to put the words out there,… Read More »

New House

So it’s been about a month now (where did that go?)  and I think our new house justifies a whole post all to itself… It is large and a completely non-standard layout for a US house, which I like: it allows us to define ‘the zones’ in any way we like – although I’ve obviously been watching too much of those programmes that are designed to engender feelings of inadequacy about one’s living space. Garnet is still… Read More »

Unpacking mess

Life still consists of boxes

Unpacking mess

So it’s been a bit of a hectic time recently – to start with we have had the move (of course) – life is still in boxes, but I am slowly getting round to unpacking things and trying to get this house into a somewhat liveable order. This is more difficult than it should be due to trying to squeeze the way we live our lives into the relatively non-standard lay-out of this house and… Read More »